Tech Tuesday: Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Step #2: Understanding How An Online Class Works

Marks of Resistance: Indigenous Embroidery will be taught online using Google Classroom.  Don’t Panic!!!  This course seems like a lot if you’ve never done it, but it can be a shared learning experience and help you connect with an online community.  The other choice for presenting this information was a Facebook group, but because Middle School children need to access the content that choice wasn’t feasible.  Plus, Facebook isn’t our friend.

Online learning requires active participation on your part.  This course requires reading, writing, speaking and making things with your hands.  Think of this as a bonding experience and opportunity to make new friends. No one has all the answers and everyone has something to share.  We are all learners together!

The computer hardware that I’m using consists of an Apple iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and a stylus pencil.  Other hardware includes a Shure MV88 digital stereo microphone, an iPad tripod mount adapter and a tripod. In addition to Google Classroom, I’m using Google Drive to organize documents into folders, creating text documents in Google Docs and slide presentations in Google Slides.  The registration form was created using Google Forms and the data collected from the form is stored in Google Sheets.

To access the class materials you will be an email address.  You can use any email but if you want to access and collaborate on the Google platform, you will need a Gmail account. I will create instructional graphics, videos and podcasts through the course to help you.  Everything associated with the course will be linked to Google Classroom. To participate in the class you will need a class code that will be emailed to you with instructions. To design, create and organize class materials, I’ll be using the iPad apps listed below.  When this course content is delivered to school children it will include learning the technology side. However, in the hands-on online version, we’ll only concentrate on learning indigenous embroidery.

iPads Apps

Apple Notes — iCloud | Note taking app provided on iPadOS that can be synced between devices on iCloud.  Can use with short text notes, photos, videos, contacts and calendar.

iMovie — video editing software app on iOS devices.

  • Apple Office — iWork on iPadOS
  • Pages: a word processor app.
  • Numbers:  a spreadsheet app.
  • Keynote:  a slide presentation app.

Google 4 Education Apps — Need a Gmail Account to Access

Classroom:  a streamlined, easy-to-use tool for managing coursework, distributing assignments, encouraging collaboration and fostering better educational communications.
>>>Drive:  a file storage service that allows users to sync files across devices and share files.  Offers 15 gigs of free storage.
>>>Docs:  an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with other people.
>>>Slides:  a presentation program that allows users to create and edit slides online while collaborating with others in real-time.
>>>Sheets:  a spreadsheet program that is compatible with Microsoft Excel file formats.

My Favorite iPad Instructional Technology Apps

  • Noteability:  Subscription Fee $8.99 | Note taking and sketching app that combines handwriting, photos and typing in a single note.  Can also add and annotate PDFs.
  • Canva:  A drop-and-drag graphic design tool that can be used for both web and print media.  It provides access to photos, vector images, graphics and fonts. Some elements are free but Canva Pro has a subscription of $12.95/month/user.  An annual subscription rate is also available.

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