Fiber Friday | Mono Printing 4 Quilters

Gelli Plate

Printing on a Gelli Plate

Create rich lush colors for your quilt projects fast and easy with DIY Mono Printing.

The 411 On Gelli Plate Printing

  • Best Gel Plate to purchase for quilters is Gelli Arts 12”x14” Plate. Lowest price @ Amazon
  • Reusable. Clean with baby wipes.
  • When not in use store plate in plastic clam shell packaging.
  • Cut fabric 12.5”x14.5” for overall creating color or use fat quarters and overlap printing.

Supplies For Mono Printing On Fabric

You can use acrylic paints, inks, textile paints or screen printing inks. I prefer to use Speedball Screen Printing Fabric Inks. They don’t change the hand of the fabric. I use the same inks for screen printing as well as mono printing. My goal is to create warm color tones to be used in quilting with indigo dyed fabrics.

  • Primary colors can be mixed like paints.
  • Inks are water-based oil pigments.
  • Color is permanent.
  • They maintain hand of fabric.
  • Inks are water-fast after heat setting.
  • Top Row >> Speedball Screen Printing Fabric Inks. Many colors are available but I use the process colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow. I mix these primary colors to create the basic color wheel. The process colors are transparent.
  • Row #2 >> I use two opaque colors that have a pearlescent quality. They give depth when applied to a gel plate with process colors. Opaque inks can be used on dark-colored fabrics. I use Raspberry and Sherbet.
  • Row #2 Far-Right Top >> Tools you need include a rubber brayer. You’ll need at least two, one for inking gel plate and one for rolling on the back of the fabric to transfer ink.
  • Row #2 Far-Right Bottom >> You’ll need some mark-making tools. I use an afro pick, a plastic fork and knife, as well as rubber tools sold at craft stores. Nothing sharp that will cut into gel plate.
  • Row #3 Left >> Raspberry and Sherbet ink up close. I use popsicle sticks to scoop ink onto the gel plate.
  • Row #3 Right >> Magenta ink up close. All samples created using these three inks.

Movie Showing the Process

Mono Printing On Fabric

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