Indigo Cloth 2 Dye 4: Day 04/30

Observations on The Scouring Process

I don’t scour all my fabric the same. Different fabrics have different amounts of starch and/or wax. Experience has taught me to pay attention to the differences so my indigo dye color will be saturated instead of sky blue. I have four dozen 100% cotton napkins that I ordered from Amazon. My plan is to dye them in lots of two, four, and a couple of six-packs. Most will be indigo dyed but not all. I’m providing a link to one of my Natural Dye Sample Record Forms developed when I was a student at ECU studying with Christine Zoller. You can follow me as I complete the process for the napkins.

<<Link to My Sample Dye Record Form>>

Personally, I like the light value Carolina Sky Blue of indigo dye on organic 100% cotton mull fabric. I discovered the process by accident when I was trying to dye cloth to match the color of the overhead sky. Now when the Spring sky is Carolina Blue, I dye Sky Blue cotton mull shawls. When I dye in Winter, I always scour deeply, so the indigo will come out a warm dark blue in color.

Song To Represent Where I Am In My Life Today

In one of the online education classes that I completed for an Alternative Teaching License, we were asked to give the name of a musical song that represents where we are at this moment time. I liked the idea and ever since I give different seasons of my life a song. My choice is always as a Pua Wau Dancer. So my Drum is Northern Cree thanks to Riley Kucheran, who is my Cree brother, teacher, mentor, and spiritual leader. Round Dance is my category, and my song is “BJ Blues, Oh My Sweetheart, Oh My Sweetheart, You Are So Beautiful.”

Published by Carola Jones, Artist

Indigenous Artist, Writer, Designer | Internet Techie | Pow Wow Dancer | Lover of Dyeing Cloth Especially With Indigo, Madder & Marigold | 4th Generation Hand Embroidery & Sewing Enthusiastic | Working Traveler | NC Toisnot & Mattamuskeet Tuscarora & FL Seminole | Algonquin Gullah Mixed Blood

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