Life After A Near-Death Experience

Be It Ever So Humble::It’s No Place Like Home

Day #1: Back to Journaling My Journey | Monday, May 23, 2022

Currituck On My Mind

Life circumstances end and begin anew for me in May because historically school and academic pursuits end and summer life lessons start.  And so it is during this season in May.  I can only imagine what’s coming during this next creative adventure.  I’m just beginning to unpack the emotions and insights from my near-death medical crisis.  I’m thankful to be alive to tell my story and the stories of Doris, Minnie, Ma, Mammy, Howell Woodard, Fawn/Ann, Mat, Mamie and so many others who took the time to share a blessing with me.  I have collected stories of survival, love, loss, and joy of Currituck to Toisnot Skaru’re (NC Tuscarora) people.

Thursday & Friday, May 19 – 20, 2022

Sitting in my cluttered house after almost letting the pain of The Blues that I inherited from Momma, Mama, Yat, Grand Mere, Harriett and Fawn/Ann kill me – my heart is full of gratitude.  Elders say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”  It’s true in my case!  The last Toisnot Tuscarora with knowledge of the old ways, and I’m not dead yet!

My Blues on Clothesline Blowing In the Wind

The simple joy of having indigo-dyed cloth hanging on my clothesline blowing in the wind brings me peace.  Blasting my Mary J. and Northern Cree playlists for the whole house, I’m happy and content.  The pain of The Blues was cut out of me.  Doctors were sure my tumors had cancer attached to them, but surgery revealed no cancer.  God’s Divine Mercy covered me, and I’m forever thankful.

I’m still healing and I’m moving slowly like a loggerhead turtle carefully pushing sand as she moves on land to dig out a nest for her eggs.  My heart is full of gratitude and I’m feeling good in my restored body.  Put your faith in Jesus!  He will never forsake you!  He saves me and is restoring my brokenness – He can do the same for you!  Just Trust & Obey!

My YouTube Launch — June 1, 2022

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