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Carola Jones, Indigenous Fiber Artist, Writer, Virtual Teacher

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My story begins with WATER & The Blues …

The Blues Of The Pamlico & Blues Music

One-Of-A-Kind Hand Dyed Wearables
& Home Goods

Silk Scarves

Habotai silk scarves and handkerchiefs inspired by the colors of Indian Summer reflecting off the waters of Contentnea. Wearables created using eco-printed flowers, simmered in red madder root. Abstract hand-painted silk scarves

Indigo Dyed

All wearables are dyed with plant-based indigo in an eco-friendly vat of indigo and fruit sugar. Traditional indigenous and Geechee ways of simmering indigo as medicine are practiced while “Binding Up The Blues” into patterned resist designs patterns. Wearables include 100% cotton hair accessories, scarves, bandanas, and socks all inspired by the blues of the Pamlico.

Home Goods
Unique Quilting Fabric

My Home Goods in the Blues of the Pamlico collection include tablecloth and napkin sets of two and four. Individual table napkins and cocktail napkins. Art items include unique hand-dyed fabric for quilting.

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About Me

Photo by Esther Chow

Short Version:: Algonquin, NC Toisnot Skaru:re (Tuscarora), Gullah & FL Seminole, Southeastern Woodlands Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, creator of natural colors from plants, flowers, nuts & insects, machine & hand stitching, hand embroidery, Pau Wau dancer, working traveler, writer, bundle binder, storyteller, dyeing medicine cloth for modern quilting and seed-to-runway clothing for a living on the Coastal Plains of Eastern North Carolina.

Detailed Version:: Academically trained fine arts artist with a passion for creating color, a love of drawing, who loves indigo dyeing with a passion for modern quilting. My art practice is about exploring sacred places on the coast of the Carolinas, blood memory, and indigenous ways of knowing transferred through stories while creating textiles.

Online Workshops & Classes Coming In 2022
  • Online On-Demand Indigo Dye Classes & Resist Binding Techniques
  • Create Your Own Indigo Yardage To Dye For In Your Home
The Indigo Blues as Medicine

“Witness transformation on cloth and gain insights to heal a broken heart.”

Lessons From My Mother, Doris Jones

2022 One to Three-Hour Live Workshops & Short Classes

Space in classes and workshops will be limited to provide a high-quality learning experience. Come Zoom for a fun creative one to three hours hands-on small group guided learning adventure.

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Read more about me and my history as an artist on my website.

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STEAM Teaching Artist

Y-GIG / YMCA After School
New Y in Historic Downtown Wilson
After-School for Middle School Students

Effective Teacher Training
In-Person Blended Class
Taught Every Semester

Wilson Community College Continuing Education
Workplace Training
Herring Avenue
Wilson, NC 27893