Blog: The Blues On Fabric

2021 Tech Tuesday Blogs
>Growing Color: From Seed To Runway
>Designing Quilts Using Electric Quilt 8

2021 Fiber Friday Blogs
>Creating Indigo Fabric To Dye For!
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>Improvisational Quilting To Heal A Broken Heart

New Beginnings: Quilting To Heal

Using fabric from my indigo dyed cloth stash, along with my clothes that were rescued from my eviction, I’m creating new quilt designs about The Blues of “Winter In America.”

Watchnight In Isolation 2020

New Year’s Eve is Watchnight for people of color born on the land of the Union States. Watchnight Ceremony is a healing medicine to send blessings to all who need them with much love, honor and respect.


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Carola Jones,
Teaching Artist

At five years old, seeing my grandmother and her mother hang wet green fabric on the clothesline that changed blue in front of my bewildered eyes as it was blowing in the wind transfixed me. Indigo dyeing as historically practiced by indigenous people on the Coastal Plains of Carolina is both art and medicine. My passion is to share the multi-generational knowledge that I hold with others who want to experience the transformation of The Indigo Blues.

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