If I Can Help Somebody

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November 01 Today I Begin Anew By Prophesying Over My Own Self

It’s “flying the coop” time for me. Flying away from being a turtle stuck in a mud pit.  Away from the plantation false pride that makes the black earth beneath my feet sticky with blood from stolen people on stolen land.  I’m “flying the coup” to the Otahpiaaki. I’m flying to a Life Event — a gathering of indigenous creatives changing the world. I’m flying out of my Momma’s house that’s falling down around me and my life packed up and put on hold.  I exist everyday in the isolation of depression from being the last living Toisnot Tuscarora. After me, the historic township is no longer living inside a person. My life represents a First Contact land and its people who survive inside of me.  I’m the last remnant of the historical eastern North Carolina Tuscarora Nation connected to the Contentnea waterway. But with Creator’s grace and mercy at least one of us is Still Here and I’m going to Otahpiaaki.

This is my second season participating in Otahpiaaki and I feel like I’m going home.  Otahpiaaki 2019 is a gathering of indigenous creatives who are connecting “links between indigenous language, lifeways, justice, balance, truth, and reconciliation.”  This event is the show place of the next “generation of community producers, creatives, educators, and Elders.” Traditional Blackfoot principles are uniting indigenous ways of transferring knowledge in North America.  I’m humbled and honored to be in “The Number!” as down home folks say. I privileged to witness first hand the healing miracle of mercy poured out on a long suffering people. I’m praising my way forward by prophesying over my own self with a song, “If I Can Help Somebody,” sung by Mahalia Jackson on Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns, 1991.

So, I lay hands on myself, and prophesy over my own person for the miracle that’s manifesting as a result of my being at Otahpiaaki. I thank you in advance Creator for including me in this event.  Thank you for my personal brokenness in this moment. I realize that my suffering is about you trusting me with the responsibility of being the last living Toisnot Tuscarora. I claim my blessing for being a descendant of the historical Tuscarora Nation in Eastern North Carolina who survived on the land after the sacking and burning of Fort Neyuheru’:ke on March 20-23, 1713.  The historical North Carolina Tuscarora Nation has a representative and Elder in attendance at Otahpiaaki 2019, who is standing on her dying mother’s prayers and her teaching that those who learn, teach!

Published by Carola Jones, Artist

Indigenous Artist, Writer, Designer | Internet Techie | Pow Wow Dancer | Lover of Dyeing Cloth Especially With Indigo, Madder & Marigold | 4th Generation Hand Embroidery & Sewing Enthusiastic | Working Traveler | NC Toisnot & Mattamuskeet Tuscarora & FL Seminole | Algonquin Gullah Mixed Blood

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