Poo’miikapi Textiles Tutorial 01: Naatowápo’takiis Quilt Pattern As A Quilted Blanket Shawl

Poo’miikapi Textiles
Naatowápo’takiis Quilt Pattern
Sacred Circles Community Healing Project
Using Hand Dyed Cloth Made Sacred With Otahpiaaki Indigo

Song: Ulali, “Mother,” Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women CD, World Music, 1995.

My version is to make a quilted blanket shawl using the same design concept as the community quilt.  Follow Blog to make your own.

I will be using  Five Yards Scoured Fabric:

  • Divide 1 1/2-yards into three half-yards pieces.
  • Tear half-yard pieces in half to make six 18”x22” units.
  • Bind into three pairs of circle designs. Use found objects to embed into cloth to make circle. I used both the ring and flat disk from canning jar lids, and Spider Woman design.
  • Bind the 1-yard piece of fabric in a wide width Little Canoe.
  • Bind the 1/2 yard of fabric in a narrow width Little Canoe
  • Twist and bind the remaining 2-yards of fabric.  This will become the blanket shawl back cloth.

Narrow & Wide Fan Folds for “Little Canoe” Resist Pattern Design

Bound Bundles. I used green Kona Cottons to over dye in indigo for my quilt. You can divide yardage to accommodate print fabrics or unbleached cotton muslin.


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